Thursday, August 17, 2017


This little cutie wasn't too fond of sleeping, but sure was sweet while he was awake.  We have so many new parents fret about their babies not falling into a deep sleep when they are "supposed to" during their sessions.  True, this is the "ideal" - especially for those squishy posed shots - but babies aren't robots and sometimes they just don't want to sleep.  And that's okay!  Wide-awake newborns are still just as adorable as sleepy ones, and still photograph beautifully no matter how old or how alert.

Friday, July 14, 2017

the "p" family

Another gorgeous & fun family from last fall - and this one bring out all the smiles.  We have loved this family for as long as we can remember, and those two girls - they are so cute and so affectionate, its impossible not to want to wrap your arms around them.  Especially when they are all dressed up, with tiny cardigans and hair done, bathed in golden afternoon light.

Friday, July 7, 2017


Sweet, sweet Hannah.  Her amazing parents are some of our oldest friends.  Taylor and Jared grew up together and stayed close through their college and grad school days.  We were at their wedding, and they were at ours.  We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, but when we do, its such a joy - laughs, fun, memories, a few regressive moments of immaturity, all of it.  We were so thrilled to be able to capture these pictures, when their little one was old enough to enjoy the spotlight and before her new brother or sister arrives later this year.

the "s" family

When you combine a pastor, an interior designer and two of the most darling kids imaginable, you get a set of images that look as authentic and lovely as the people in them.  I love the way the colors they chose compliment the lush, gorgeous background at this location.  The possibilities for mixing and matching the prints from this session are endless, and that's always the goal at the end of the day!


With the current obsession over hashtags on Facebook and the like, we try to imagine what our clients would write if they were to tag their images...if these were to be described using just three, they would have to be #glowing #beautiful #insideandout

the "j" family

We had the best time chasing these two blondie brothers around the lake with their gorgeous parents...its impossible not to smile when you're around this family.  All these catch-up posts from the fall are making me so giddy for October to come back around.  Amazing how even the thought of fall and cooler weather and seasonal coffee and pumpkin-spice candles can change your entire mood...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

the "r" family

The day these were taken, it had rained all night and most of the morning.  Just as we were about to reschedule, we were gifted a small window of time when the radar wasn't completely red in which to meet up and capture these -- proof that with the right light, even muggy, overcast days can be great days for photography.  What we ended up with, besides some sweet new friends, were some utterly gorgeous images of a family that truly loves being together and a holiday card that was TO DIE FOR!

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